Find your perfect diamond. 

How to get the most out of your R15 000 budget;  

Your best approach from the get-go is to consider the engagement ring in its totality. 

Your engagement ring design and choice of center diamond should be complementary all round… the good old 2+2 =5. 

Engagement rings simply look nicer when setting with a larger center diamond

But I have some good news; you can increase the perceived size of your diamond by choosing a halo-style setting. They work miracles in this price range. 

Use these next simple steps to ensure you get the largest diamond for your money - without any visual compromises; 

  • Diamond colors down to J-K-L-M still appear predominantly white. Join us for a session and play how low can you go before the diamond is obviously yellow or brown. 
  • Clarity; Its as simple as ensuring there are no visible flaws in your diamond when viewed with the naked eye. Don’t drop clarity below the SI1-grade. 
  • Cut: Don’t compromise on the quality of the craftsmanship when you’re looking for your ideal diamond. The cut should be Excellent or Very Good. 

I have some awesome deals for you below. Take a look, and if you have questions - we’re here to help

Currently these are my top picks in the up to R15 000 range;

Shape Weight Colour Clarity Grading Lab Price
Round Brilliant 0.18ct M VVS2 DIA R 1 700.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct L SI1 GIA R 10 108.00
Round Brilliant 0.41ct J VS1 GIA R 10 290.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct I VS1 GIA R 10 640.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct J VS1 GIA R 10 950.00
Round Brilliant 0.67ct U-V SI1 GIA R 10 950.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct L VS2 GIA R 11 065.60
Round Brilliant 0.41ct I SI1 GIA R 11 100.00
Round Brilliant 0.54ct L VS1 GIA R 11 795.20
Round Brilliant 0.68ct U-V VS2 GIA R 12 150.00
Round Brilliant 0.45ct I VS1 GIA R 12 616.00
Round Brilliant 0.54ct L VVS2 GIA R 12 630.00
Round Brilliant 0.59ct M VS1 GIA R 12 630.00
Round Brilliant 0.52ct K VS2 GIA R 12 795.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct E VS2 GIA R 12 920.00
Round Brilliant 0.58ct L VS1 GIA R 13 035.00
Round Brilliant 0.51ct K VS1 GIA R 13 224.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct J SI2 GIA R 13 350.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct L VS1 GIA R 13 410.00
Round Brilliant 0.60ct L VS1 GIA R 13 410.00
Round Brilliant 0.64ct M VS2 DIA R 13 560.00
Round Brilliant 0.67ct N VVS2 GIA R 13 800.00
Round Brilliant 0.45ct I VVS1 GIA R 13 950.00
Round Brilliant 0.60ct L VS1 DIA R 14 400.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct N VS2 GIA R 14 700.00
Round Brilliant 0.60ct L VVS2 DIA R 15 000.00
Round Brilliant 0.60ct K VS2 GIA R 15 750.00
Round Brilliant 0.58ct E SI3 EGL R 15 825.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct J VVS2 GIA R 16 260.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct L VS1 DIA R 17 745.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct H VS1 GIA R 17 850.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct M VS1 DIA R 18 750.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct L VS2 GIA R 18 848.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct F SI1 GIA R 19 200.00
Round Brilliant 0.51ct I VS2 GIA R 19 200.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct L VVS2 GIA R 19 456.00
Round Brilliant 0.52ct J VS2 GIA R 19 500.00
Round Brilliant 0.61ct J VS2 GIA R 20 700.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct J VS2 GIA R 22 663.20
Round Brilliant 0.60ct J VS2 GIA R 23 040.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct D VS2 GIA R 23 100.00
Round Brilliant 0.70ct J VS1 GIA R 24 255.00
Round Brilliant 0.33ct L VS2 DIA R 4 875.00
Round Brilliant 0.36ct L VS1 DIA R 5 350.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct M VS2 GIA R 5 669.60
Round Brilliant 0.34ct I VS1 DIA R 5 872.00
Round Brilliant 0.41ct L SI1 GIA R 6 080.00
Round Brilliant 0.35ct K VS1 GIA R 6 232.00
Round Brilliant 0.37ct K VS2 GIA R 6 300.00
Round Brilliant 0.38ct L VS1 GIA R 6 384.00
Round Brilliant 0.38ct L VVS1 DIA R 6 615.00
Round Brilliant 0.38ct L VS1 GIA R 6 688.00
Round Brilliant 0.41ct L VS2 GIA R 6 840.00
Round Brilliant 0.38ct K VS1 GIA R 6 992.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct K VS1 DIA R 6 992.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct J VS2 DIA R 7 140.00
Round Brilliant 0.45ct L SI1 GIA R 7 296.00
Round Brilliant 0.41ct K VS2 GIA R 7 311.20
Round Brilliant 0.41ct J VS2 DIA R 7 410.00
Round Brilliant 0.41ct L VVS1 DIA R 7 455.00
Round Brilliant 0.34ct J VVS2 GIA R 7 554.40
Round Brilliant 0.30ct I VS1 GIA R 7 590.00
Round Brilliant 0.41ct K VS2 GIA R 7 828.00
Round Brilliant 0.33ct J VS1 GIA R 7 890.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct K VS1 GIA R 8 512.00
Round Brilliant 0.64ct S-T SI2 GIA R 8 640.00
Round Brilliant 0.50ct Y-Z SI2 GIA R 8 700.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct K VVS2 GIA R 8 968.00
Round Brilliant 0.40ct K VS1 GIA R 8 985.00
Princess 0.18ct G VS2 EGL R 1 950.00
Princess 0.38ct LFY SI1 DIA R 5 625.00
Princess 0.56ct P SI1 DIA R 6 750.00
Oval Brilliant 0.25ct R SI1 DIA R 1 470.00
Oval Brilliant 0.50ct J VS1 GIA R 11 430.00
Oval Brilliant 0.47ct E VS2 GIA R 12 300.00
Oval Brilliant 0.44ct F VS1 GIA R 13 050.00
Oval Brilliant 0.45ct G VVS2 DIA R 13 200.00
Oval Brilliant 0.63ct J VVS2 GIA R 17 560.00
Oval Brilliant 0.50ct D VVS2 DIA R 19 005.00
Oval Brilliant 0.30ct I VS2 DIA R 4 500.00
Oval Brilliant 0.32ct G VS2 GIA R 6 585.00
Oval Brilliant 0.36ct I VVS2 GIA R 6 660.00
Oval Brilliant 0.42ct J VS2 GIA R 7 215.00
Oval Brilliant 0.37ct G VVS2 GIA R 8 025.00
Oval Brilliant 0.42ct I VS1 GIA R 9 180.00
Oval Brilliant 0.46ct I SI1 GIA R 9 765.00
Marquise 0.19ct G SI1 DIA R 1 575.00
Marquise 0.21ct E SI2 DIA R 1 800.00
Marquise 0.22ct H SI2 DIA R 1 800.00
Emerald 0.22ct M VS2 DIA R 1 410.00
Emerald 0.29ct J I1 DIA R 1 455.00
Emerald 0.70ct J SI3 EGL R 11 355.00
Emerald 0.26ct H SI2 IDL R 3 120.00
Emerald 0.59ct K I1 DIA R 6 105.00
Cut Corner Princess 0.57ct G I1 DIA R 8 550.00
Cut Corner Princess 0.65ct S SI2 DIA R 8 550.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.49ct I VS1 GIA R 10 050.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.53ct J VS1 GIA R 10 320.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.50ct I VS1 GIA R 10 410.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.51ct I VS2 GIA R 11 235.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.51ct I VS2 GIA R 11 880.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.60ct J VS1 GIA R 11 970.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.52ct J VS1 GIA R 12 000.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.60ct I VS1 DIA R 12 000.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.50ct H VS1 DIA R 13 950.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.60ct I VVS2 DIA R 14 100.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.61ct I VS1 DIA R 14 550.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.56ct J VS1 GIA R 17 560.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.61ct G VS2 GIA R 18 870.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.65ct H VS1 GIA R 19 485.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.50ct G VS1 DIA R 19 500.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.56ct D VS1 GIA R 19 800.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.70ct I VVS2 GIA R 22 050.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.70ct I VVS1 DIA R 23 550.00
Cushion Brilliant 0.46ct J VS1 GIA R 8 820.00
Assher 0.25ct G SI3 DIA R 1 830.00

*All prices include VAT - as they should. No surprises on your invoice. 

*Diamonds are only removed from list once invoiced. If a diamond is placed on hold for 48h it will still appear in this list. Should you be interested in a diamond that is currently on hold or on its way to be invoiced we will do our best to find a substitute diamond at the same price. 

If you're looking for something very specific please reach out. You'll be amazed at the quality of the options we can source for you internationally.

Feel free to browse the other budget brackets;

Kind Regards

Johan Poggenpoel

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