Find your perfect diamond.

Welcome! Here are some stunning diamonds we have available in the up to R15 000 budget range. 

Focus on optimising size. Nothing has a larger impact on the overall appeal of the engagement ring. 

That doesn't mean the diamond should be obviously flawed and compromised. Not at all. But to ensure you get as much diamond for your money as possible you need to know what specifications will take you the furthest. It's easier to get this perfect than you would imagine.  

  • Ensure the diamond is free some imperfections and impurities to the naked eye. Take a look at VS2, SI1 and SI2 clarities. 
  • I-J-K-L-M colour diamonds are white enough. Really. 
  • If you have the engagement ring made in yellow or rose gold the colour of the diamond is much less obvious and visible.
  • Don't rule out colours below M. They have a certain warmth many couples love
  • Shape wise, cushions offer tremendous value. They're awesome.

If you're interested in a round diamond, I just finished up a brand new guide "Buying Round Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know". I think it's a great starting point. 

Enjoy! My personal favourites are marked in italics

Shape Weight Clarity Colour Price (Incl.)   Cut Grading Laboratory Cert# Status
Trilliant 0.30ct SI1 H R4,700 Enquire / Reserve - JCSA 448175 In Stock
Round 0.24ct VS2 LFY R3,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 11071101 In Stock
Round 0.30ct SI1 I R6,700 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 1319069752 On Hold
Round 0.30ct VS2 G R8,200 Enquire / Reserve Excellent DIA 19020033 On Hold
Round 0.30ct SI3 FY R8,600 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 09030435 In Stock
Round 0.34ct VS2 I R7,500 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 6192717455 In Stock
Round 0.34ct VS1 G R10,700 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 2297030895 On Hold
Round 0.34ct VS1 I R9,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 19020032 In Stock
Round 0.35ct VS2 L R5,700 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 6302391226 In Stock
Round 0.35ct VS2 J R7,100 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 2314248960 In Stock
Round 0.35ct VS2 G R10,400 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 6312650928 In Stock
Round 0.35ct VS1 O R4,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 11060324 In Stock
Round 0.38ct VS2 I R10,300 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 19020220 In Stock
Round 0.39ct SI2 E R9,000 Enquire / Reserve - JCSA 298448 In Stock
*Round 0.40ct SI1 H R11,600 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 1309921236 In Stock
Round 0.42ct VS2 H R12,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 19020035 In Stock
Round 0.42ct VS1 K R8,800 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 1305167479 On Hold
Round 0.43ct VS1 I R13,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 19020034 In Stock
Round 0.45ct SI2 I R10,300 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 1203273391 In Stock
Round 0.45ct SI1 J R10,000 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 16100519 In Stock
Round 0.46ct I3 N R2,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 021073141 In Stock
Round 0.46ct SI1 G R11,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18060006 In Stock
Round 0.50ct SI2 Y - Z R9,600 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 6157156627 In Stock
*Round 0.50ct SI1 I R17,300 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 6305975124 In Stock
Round 0.50ct SI1 H R17,900 Enquire / Reserve Good GIA 2151086663 In Stock
Round 0.53ct SI1 N R8,500 Enquire / Reserve Good GIA 2141534045 In Stock
Round 0.54ct VS2 M R9,400 Enquire / Reserve Good GIA 6157046540 In Stock
Round 0.55ct SI2 J R14,800 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 14020311 In Stock
Round 0.55ct VS1 J R17,500 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 2316095875 In Stock
*Round 0.56ct VVS2 FY R18,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 09030432 In Stock
Round 0.57ct SI1 H R20,300 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 5191794462 In Stock
Round 0.58ct SI3 E R17,400 Enquire / Reserve - EGL USA US903485845D In Stock
Round 0.59ct VS2 L R13,600 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 7301820756 In Stock
Round 0.59ct SI1 I R19,200 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 2316006494 In Stock
Round 0.59ct VS1 J R19,500 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 6312734485 In Stock
Round 0.60ct VS1 M R14,400 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 6161396852 In Stock
*Round 0.60ct VS1 J R19,400 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA 6305646447 In Stock
Round 0.60ct VS2 K R18,900 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18120035 In Stock
Round 0.64ct SI2 S-T R9,500 Enquire / Reserve Good GIA 1156078842 In Stock
Round 0.66ct SI2 FBO R19,700 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 09030430 In Stock
*Round 0.70ct VS2 M R16,200 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA 5191384059 In Stock
Round 0.70ct VS2 L R19,000 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA <- link. Special Order
Round 0.70ct VVS2 M R19,500 Enquire / Reserve Very Good GIA <- link. Special Order
Round 0.73ct VS1 S R17,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 13110184 In Stock
Round 0.74ct SI2 LFB R22,000 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 12071653 In Stock
*Round 0.78ct SI2 Q R15,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 11051147 In Stock
Round 0.79ct I1 K R14,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 09020418 In Stock
Round 0.80ct VS2 T R17,100 Enquire / Reserve - IDL J10025563 In Stock
Round 0.82ct P2 NY R5,300 Enquire / Reserve - JCSA 436935 In Stock
Round 0.85ct SI2 L R14,700 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 16090181 In Stock
Round 0.91ct SI3 Q R21,700 Enquire / Reserve - IDL M1132387 In Stock
Round 0.91ct I3 LB R8,300 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 021073143 In Stock
Round 0.92ct SI3 M R20,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 10041070 In Stock
Round 0.94ct I2 G R20,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 12031422 In Stock
Round 1.16ct I1 R R10,700 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 08071133 In Stock
Round 1.21ct I1 Q R20,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 12110657 In Stock
Round 1.35ct P2 NYB R21,300 Enquire / Reserve - JCSA 436936 In Stock
Radiant 0.74ct I2 J R8,800 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 11110900 In Stock
Radiant 0.85ct I1 J Ecg R8,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 10080026 In Stock
Princess 0.38ct SI1 LFY R6,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 9100462 In Stock
Princess 0.45ct I2 J* R3,300 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 8081182 In Stock
Princess 0.56ct SI1 P R7,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 10040879 In Stock
Princess 0.57ct I1 G R9,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 11100766 In Stock
Princess 0.65ct SI2 S R9,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 12100395 In Stock
Princess 0.95ct I1 I R21,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 12101363 In Stock
Princess 1.03ct I2 I R17,000 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 10091771 In Stock
Princess 1.16ct I2 H R21,900 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 8061563 In Stock
Pear 0.54ct SI1 D R15,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 19020037 In Stock
Pear 0.74ct VS1 J R22,000 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 2307982011 In Stock
Pear 0.75ct P1 G R13,500 Enquire / Reserve - JCSA 294054 In Stock
Oval 0.25ct SI1 R R1,700 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 40490620 In Stock
Oval 0.30ct VS2 E R6,800 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 2191691132 In Stock
Oval 0.36ct VS1 F R8,000 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 5192603983 In Stock
Oval 0.50ct SI1 G R16,100 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 2307700443 In Stock
Oval 0.51ct VS2 F R17,100 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 1318394800 In Stock
Oval 0.59ct SI1 I R15,800 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 7301796539 In Stock
*Oval 0.85ct IF W-X R19,700 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 6302296853 In Stock
Oval 0.90ct SI2 R R13,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 8101089 In Stock
Marquise 0.19ct SI1 G R1,800 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 9080600 In Stock
Marquise 0.21ct SI2 E R2,000 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 9080601 In Stock
Marquise 0.22ct SI2 H R2,000 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 9080595 In Stock
Marquise 0.32ct SI3 R R2,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 9080460 In Stock
Emerald 0.22ct VS2 M R1,600 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 8010652 In Stock
Emerald 0.23ct VS1 J R2,700 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 8011437 In Stock
Emerald 0.26ct SI2 H R3,500 Enquire / Reserve - IDL A10026670 In Stock
Emerald 0.29ct I1 J R1,600 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 10110689 In Stock
Emerald 0.70ct SI3 J R12,500 Enquire / Reserve - EGL 71003249 In Stock
Emerald 0.73ct SI3 G R15,300 Enquire / Reserve - EGL 70901043 In Stock
Cushion 0.41ct VS2 J R9,400 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 3305794995 In Stock
Cushion 0.50ct VS1 I R11,400 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 2244991908 In Stock
Cushion 0.50ct VS1 I R13,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 17020026 In Stock
Cushion 0.50ct VS1 G R21,400 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 16090187 In Stock
Cushion 0.52ct VVS2 NFY R14,300 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 2297093554 In Stock
Cushion 0.56ct VVS2 G R15,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18120012 In Stock
Cushion 0.57ct VS1 M R6,400 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 6285838007 In Stock
Cushion 0.59ct VS1 I R14,200 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18090064 In Stock
Cushion 0.60ct VS2 I R13,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18090124 In Stock
*Cushion 0.60ct VS2 I R13,500 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18090125 In Stock
Cushion 0.60ct VS1 I R16,300 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 18120013 In Stock
Cushion 0.61ct VS1 NFY R17,300 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 7286223372 In Stock
*Cushion 0.75ct VS2 K R15,500 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 7286370346 In Stock
Cushion 0.75ct SI1 J R19,300 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA <- link. Special Order
Cushion 0.80ct VS2 N R10,500 Enquire / Reserve - GIA 5296533257 In Stock
Cushion 0.81ct VS2 K R17,500 Enquire / Reserve Excellent GIA <- link. Special Order
Assher 0.25ct SI3 G R2,100 Enquire / Reserve - DIA 10120334 In Stock


We'd love to help you find that perfect diamond. Simply reach out. 

It's worth taking a look at the diamonds on offer in the R30 000 range. You really get a lot more. Taking a look won't hurt. 

You're wholeheartedly invited to visit us in Pretoria or Rosebank to discuss whatever you have in mind over a nice cup of coffee. We also have full-time designers in our studios if you'd like some invaluable input and ideas. 

You'll have a blast. I promise. 

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