Find your perfect diamond. 

How to get the most out of your R15 000 budget;  

Your engagement ring design and choice of center diamond should be complementary all round… the good old 2+2 =5.

Engagement rings simply look nicer when setting with a larger center diamond. There's no way around that.

But; here's how to optimise the size of your diamond, without any visual compromises;

  • Diamond colors I-J-K-L-M still appear predominantly white, especially if they have medium to very strong blue fluorescence. You're more than welcome to visit us and see these colours for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Clarity; Its as simple as ensuring there are no visible flaws in your diamond when viewed with the naked eye. To be safe, don’t drop clarity below the SI1-grade. Some lower clarities can still be eye-clean, be sure to see the diamond in person.
  • Cut: Don’t compromise on the quality of the craftsmanship when you’re looking for your ideal diamond. The cut should be Excellent or Very Good. Cut is, and will always be, the most important C.
  • Settings with halo's increase the perceived size of the centre diamond.

I have some awesome deals for you below. Take a look, and if you have questions - we’re here to help.

Currently these are my top picks in the up to R15 000 range;

Shape Weight Colour Clarity Cut Lab Cert. Number Incl. Price
Round Brilliant 0.30ct G SI1 Excellent GIA 1269771630 R7,250
Round Brilliant 0.30ct G VS2 Excellent GIA 6272054616 R7,970
Round Brilliant 0.32ct G SI2 Excellent GIA 2266876892 R6,570
Round Brilliant 0.36ct P VS2 Good JCSA 501699 R4,220
Round Brilliant 0.36ct I VS1 Excellent GIA 6265933714 R8,290
Round Brilliant 0.38ct L VS1 Excellent GIA 1169314363 R5,820
Round Brilliant 0.38ct K VS2 Very Good GIA 7266932636 R6,750
Round Brilliant 0.38ct I SI1 Very Good GIA 2185363598 R7,860
Round Brilliant 0.39ct E SI2 Good JCSA 468050 R7,580
Round Brilliant 0.40ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 6201348576 R8,040
Round Brilliant 0.40ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 2196413261 R9,040
Round Brilliant 0.40ct J SI1 Excellent GIA 7266583980 R9,200
Round Brilliant 0.40ct I VS1 Excellent GIA 2266934030 R10,210
Round Brilliant 0.40ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 7266819266 R11,510
Round Brilliant 0.40ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 2266626210 R11,720
Round Brilliant 0.40ct G VS1 Very Good GIA 7271181503 R12,680
Round Brilliant 0.40ct F SI1 Very Good GIA 1100719718897 R17,730
Round Brilliant 0.42ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 6262656729 R12,010
Round Brilliant 0.45ct K VS1 Excellent GIA 7241360022 R9,840
Round Brilliant 0.46ct L VS1 Excellent GIA 5186874933 R7,900
Round Brilliant 0.46ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 5266673113 R10,050
Round Brilliant 0.46ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 5273242873 R10,050
Round Brilliant 0.46ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 100723937535 R11,000
Round Brilliant 0.46ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 7276026512 R13,840
Round Brilliant 0.46ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 2266489131 R14,130
Round Brilliant 0.50ct Y-Z SI2 Good GIA 6157156627 R8,040
Round Brilliant 0.50ct L VS2 n/a DIA 17090112 R9,020
Round Brilliant 0.50ct L SI1 Very Good GIA 7258735745 R9,220
Round Brilliant 0.50ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 6262755092 R15,790
Round Brilliant 0.50ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 2264913931 R15,860
Round Brilliant 0.50ct I VS2 Excellent GIA 2264913931 R15,860
Round Brilliant 0.52ct H VS2 Excellent GIA 3265914771 R18,650
Round Brilliant 0.54ct O SI1 Excellent DIA 17100170 R9,010
Round Brilliant 0.58ct K VS1 Very Good GIA 2267965664 R13,330
Round Brilliant 0.59ct M VS1 Excellent GIA 2181404296 R11,670
Round Brilliant 0.60ct L SI1 Good DIA 17110100 R10,960
Round Brilliant 0.60ct L SI1 Very Good GIA 3265915663 R11,560
Round Brilliant 0.60ct L VS2 Excellent GIA 7268017765 R12,370
Round Brilliant 0.60ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 1279489270 R19,350
Round Brilliant 0.60ct H VS2 Excellent GIA 2185992366 R21,100
Round Brilliant 0.60ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 6271462752 R23,690
Round Brilliant 0.60ct G VS2 Very Good GIA 1275106054 R24,190
Round Brilliant 0.61ct M VS2 Very Good GIA 6261497206 R10,820
Round Brilliant 0.63ct M VS2 Very Good DIA 16100136 R12,530
Round Brilliant 0.64ct S-T SI2 Good GIA 1156078842 R7,980
Round Brilliant 0.67ct U-V SI1 Very Good GIA 5141634835 R10,120
Round Brilliant 0.68ct U-V VS2 Good GIA 1156078499 R11,220
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I SI1 Very Good GIA 1186762350 R23,110
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 2191030472 R24,780
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 1182786577 R24,840
Round Brilliant 0.72ct F SI3 Very Good DIA 14010062 R23,040
Round Brilliant 0.73ct R SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 10040924 R12,890
Round Brilliant 0.73ct S VS1 Very Good DIA 13110184 R14,660
Round Brilliant 0.75ct J SI3 Very Good DIA 10080016 R11,920
Round Brilliant 0.75ct L VS2 Very Good DIA 18020097 R14,200
Round Brilliant 0.78ct Q SI2 Excellent DIA 11051147 R12,970
Round Brilliant 0.78ct O VS2 Good JCSA 32723666 R14,370
Round Brilliant 0.79ct K I1 Very Good DIA 9020418 R12,080
Round Brilliant 0.80ct T VS2 Good IDL J10025563 R14,370
Round Brilliant 0.80ct K VS1 Very Good DIA 18020100 R15,880
Round Brilliant 0.80ct M VS1 Very Good DIA 18020099 R18,430
Round Brilliant 0.80ct K VS1 Excellent GIA 5181780600 R23,310
Round Brilliant 0.81ct K SI2 Very Good DIA 18020098 R19,700
Round Brilliant 0.81ct L VS1 Very Good GIA 6265599645 R20,920
Round Brilliant 0.90ct Q SI3 Good IDL M1132387 R18,330
Round Brilliant 0.90ct M SI2 Good DIA 18020103 R20,600
Round Brilliant 0.91ct M SI3 Very Good DIA 10041070 R16,900
Round Brilliant 0.91ct T SI3 Very Good IDL M1132388 R19,390
Round Brilliant 1.15ct R I1 Very Good DIA 8071133 R9,010
Round Brilliant 1.21ct Q I1 Very Good DIA 12110657 R17,230
Round Brilliant 2.02ct R I1 Good DIA 8081171 R23,490
Radiant 0.65ct S SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12100395 R7,900
Radiant 0.72ct E SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11100767 R22,160
Radiant 1.03ct L SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12100394 R23,110
Princess 0.18ct G VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) EGL 101109649/510089 R1,810
Princess 0.40ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17120020 R7,070
Princess 0.43ct H VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) IDL 15550093 R8,130
Princess 0.46ct J VVS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17090108 R7,660
Princess 0.46ct J VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2266228624 R9,080
Princess 0.50ct I VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17100041 R10,810
Princess 0.56ct P SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 10040879 R6,240
Pear 0.50ct I VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6262289574 R10,630
Oval 0.25ct R SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 40490620 R1,360
Oval 0.31ct F VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17100039 R5,960
Oval 0.37ct G VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100720590671 R7,410
Oval 0.44ct F VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2257059553 R12,050
Oval 0.46ct I SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6245966321 R9,020
Oval 0.47ct E VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2247990840 R11,360
Oval 0.50ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 5182163328 R10,560
Oval 0.90ct R SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 8101089 R11,080
Marquise 0.19ct G SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 9080600 R1,460
Marquise 0.21ct E SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 9080601 R1,670
Marquise 0.22ct H SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 9080595 R1,670
Marquise 0.23ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11020654 R2,500
Marquise 0.24ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 9040031 R2,360
Marquise 0.32ct R SI3 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 9080460 R2,080
Marquise 0.37ct F VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11090336 R8,180
Emerald 0.22ct M VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 8010652 R1,310
Emerald 0.23ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 8011437 R2,220
Emerald 0.26ct H SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) IDL A10026670 R2,890
Emerald 0.26ct G VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 40490618 R18,700
Cushion 0.46ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7252107186 R8,150
Cushion 0.50ct J SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2278238011 R7,660
Cushion 0.50ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17100044 R9,840
Cushion 0.50ct I VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17100046 R9,840
Cushion 0.50ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17020319 R12,890
Cushion 0.51ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7271350426 R10,570
Cushion 0.51ct I VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1249791081 R10,970
Cushion 0.52ct K VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7196623197 R9,420
Cushion 0.52ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7252369417 R9,530
Cushion 0.52ct I SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17090110 R9,800
Cushion 0.56ct D VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100715461241 R18,290
Cushion 0.60ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1182222809 R11,060
Cushion 0.65ct K VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1273238388 R8,790
Cushion 0.70ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7218014672 R16,030
Cushion 0.70ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17010230 R21,750
Cushion 0.70ct I VVS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 17010231 R21,750
Cushion 0.70ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6222429204 R24,550
Cushion 0.71ct K VVS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7276351395 R15,160
Cushion 0.71ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2185259560 R17,210
Cushion 0.75ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 16090192 R24,310
Cushion 1.04ct J I1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12020950 R24,800
Assher Cut 0.25ct G SI3 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 10120334 R1,690

*Diamonds are only removed from list once invoiced. If a diamond is placed on hold for 48h it will still appear in this list. Should you be interested in a diamond that is currently on hold or on its way to be invoiced we will do our best to find a substitute diamond at the same price. *All prices include VAT - as they should. 

If you're looking for something very specific please reach out. You'll be amazed at the quality of the options we can source for you internationally.

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