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[Updated 28 March 2018]

You want this engagement ring to look amazing. So do we.

We only good good when you look GREAT, and that's why we’re obsessed with optimising every single aspect of your engagement ring, to ensure it visually outperforms rings from any other jeweller at this price-point.

Systematically optimising your R30 000 budget with our Optimisation Method will take you much further than you ever imagined. Certain specification combinations just offer superior value, without compromising the visual appeal of the diamond.

Here are some pointers, but feel free to scroll down to the list of recommended diamonds. 

  • Diamond colours I-J-K still appear white, and offer tremendous value. Blue fluorescence is your friend since it can increase the perceived colour of your diamond by up to one full grade.
  • Clarity; Its as simple as ensuring there are no visible flaws in your diamond when viewed with the naked eye. To be safe, don’t drop clarity below the SI1-grade. Some lower clarities can still be eye-clean, be sure to see the diamond in person.
  • Cut: Don’t compromise on the quality of the craftsmanship when you’re looking for your ideal diamond. The cut should be “Excellent” or “Very Good”. Cut is, and will always be, the most important C. The fire, scintillation, sparkle and life are all determined by the cut grade.
  • Settings/Designs: with halos increase the perceived size of the centre diamond.
  • Cushion cuts are very well priced, and offer the most sparkle of any shape. You can actually get a nice 1,00ct cushion cut in this price bracket. My wife’s ring boasts a very nice cushion cut… they’re stunning.

When you start shopping around, please make Poggenpoel your first stop. You’ll save yourself a ton of time… and money. No jeweller can match the effort and commitment we put into every single aspect of our rings - and you’ll catch that vibe in our studios (Pretoria and Rosebank).

I have some awesome deals for you below. Take a look, and if you have questions - we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate for a second to reach out, whether you’re buying within the next few weeks or in 12 month’s time.

Currently these are my top picks in the up to R30 000 range;

Shape Weight Color Clarity LAB Cert # Status Price Incl.
Round 0.71ct F VS2 GIA 5246822592 Stock R34,293
Round 0.70ct G SI1 GIA 1183520686 Stock R35,204
Round 0.80ct I VS2 GIA 1182981802 Stock R35,811
Round 0.70ct G VS2 GIA 2246352849 Stock R36,046
Round 0.90ct K VS1 GIA 2246453030 Stock R37,025
Round 0.91ct J VS2 GIA 1273004075 Stock R37,674
Round 0.90ct J VS2 GIA 5191003801 Stock R39,344
Round 1.01ct L VS2 HRD 170003034561 Stock R40,144
Round 1.01ct L VS1 HRD 170003121050 Stock R43,608
Round 1.01ct L VS1 HRD 170003121050 Stock R43,608
Round 0.90ct I VS2 GIA 2193019827 Stock R43,649
Round 0.70ct K SI1 GIA 1289079286 Special Order R19,700
Round 0.90ct J SI1 GIA 1285025088 Special Order R36,400
Round 0.90ct J SI1 GIA 1192113440 NEW R38,709
Round 0.70ct E VVS2 GIA 2286028318 Special Order R45,300
Radiant Cut 1.52ct M SI2 DIA 11101012 Stock R34,224
Radiant Cut 1.01ct H SI1 DIA 11021634 Stock R42,780
Princess 1.00ct J VS2 DIA 10070443 Stock R33,120
Princess 0.72ct G VS1 GIA 6202702960 Stock R34,748
Princess 1.09ct J SI2 DIA 140101221 Stock R37,950
Princess 0.92ct H VS2 GIA 12197637 Stock R43,884
Oval 1.01ct J VS2 GIA 6261497664 Stock R38,047
Marquise 0.70ct G VS1 GIA 6261868279 Special Order R37,800
Emerald 1.01ct I VVS1 GIA 2247964507 Stock R44,602
Cushion 0.96ct J VS1 GIA 2267217802 Stock R33,382
Cushion 0.96ct I VS2 GIA 5181292681 Stock R38,019
Cushion 1.04ct I VS1 GIA 7251044512 Stock R45,747
Cushion 1.07ct K SI1 DIA 12101362 Stock R33,065
Cushion 0.96ct J VS1 GIA 2267217802 Stock R33,382
Cushion 0.91ct J SI1 GIA 2166240016 Stock R34,003
Cushion 0.96ct I VS2 GIA 5181292681 Stock R38,019
Cushion 1.09ct J SI1 DIA 12101361 Stock R39,744
Cushion 0.90ct I VS2 GIA 2236542613 Stock R42,849
Cushion 0.98ct H VS2 GIA 1268216203 Stock R43,539
Cushion 0.90ct H VS1 GIA 1223950169 Stock R43,760

*Diamonds are only removed from list once invoiced. If a diamond is placed on hold for 48h it will still appear in this list. Should you be interested in a diamond that is currently on hold or on its way to be invoiced we will do our best to find a substitute diamond at the same price. *All prices include VAT - as they should. 

If you're looking for something very specific please reach out. You'll be amazed at the quality of the options we can source for you internationally. Here's more information on our Special Order process. 

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