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How to get the most out of your R30 000 budget;

Engagement rings simply look nicer when set with a larger center diamond. There's no way around that.

BUT with a budget of around R30 000, and some guidance on the 4C's (specifications), you can get to a very decent sized diamond, without any visual compromises;

  • Diamond colors I-J-K still appear white, and offer tremendous value. Blue fluorescence is your friend since it can increase the perceived colour of your diamond by up to one full grade.
  • Clarity is graded by a gemologist who scrutinises the diamond under 10X magnification and makes a call based on the level, location and type of impurities. You eye’s can’t zoom in 10X. Simply ensure a diamond is 100% eye-clean to the naked eye, and have your budget work where you actually improve the look and feel of the ring. Don’t drop clarity below the SI1-grade, I'd actually prefer VS2.
  • Cut: Don’t compromise on the quality of the craftsmanship when you’re looking for your ideal diamond. The cut should be “Excellent” or “Very Good”. Cut is, and will always be, the most important C. The fire, scintillation, sparkle and life are all determined by the cut grade.
  • Settings/Designs with halos increase the perceived size of the centre diamond, so it's a style worth considering.
  • Cushion cuts are very well priced, and offer the most sparkle of any shape. You can actually get a nice 1,00ct cushion cut in this price bracket. My wife’s ring boasts a very nice cushion cut… they’re stunning.

I have some awesome cherry-picked deals for you below. Take a look, and if you have questions - we’re here to help.

Currently these are my top picks in the up to R30 000 range;

Shape Weight Colour Clarity Cut Lab Cert. Number Incl. Price
Round Brilliant 0.57ct D VS1 Excellent GIA 1249149195 R26,870
Round Brilliant 0.60ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 6271462752 R23,690
Round Brilliant 0.60ct G VS2 Very Good GIA 1275106054 R24,190
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I SI1 Very Good GIA 1186762350 R23,110
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 2191030472 R24,780
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 1182786577 R24,840
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 100724724217 R26,320
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 2266390043 R26,470
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I SI1 Excellent GIA 6202475700 R26,610
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 2254373552 R27,620
Round Brilliant 0.70ct H SI1 Very Good GIA 7208250092 R29,880
Round Brilliant 0.70ct H VS2 Excellent GIA 7266961586 R31,500
Round Brilliant 0.70ct G VS2 Very Good GIA 6252954394 R31,670
Round Brilliant 0.70ct G SI1 Very Good GIA 1183520686 R35,340
Round Brilliant 0.70ct G VS2 Very Good GIA 2246352849 R36,180
Round Brilliant 0.71ct H VS2 Very Good GIA 6262915355 R29,310
Round Brilliant 0.71ct H VS1 Very Good GIA 1265287554 R31,130
Round Brilliant 0.72ct F SI3 Very Good DIA 14010062 R23,040
Round Brilliant 0.73ct F SI2 Very Good DIA 14010638 R29,020
Round Brilliant 0.73ct G VS2 Very Good GIA 2195004050 R31,200
Round Brilliant 0.74ct G SI2 Very Good DIA 13040309 R27,680
Round Brilliant 0.80ct K VS1 Excellent GIA 5181780600 R23,310
Round Brilliant 0.80ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 6193035860 R32,770
Round Brilliant 0.80ct I VS2 Very Good GIA 100725156565 R35,850
Round Brilliant 0.80ct I VS2 Excellent GIA 1182981802 R35,950
Round Brilliant 0.80ct H SI1 Very Good GIA 100415548721 R41,140
Round Brilliant 0.84ct J VVS2 Very Good DIA 17100171 R33,180
Round Brilliant 0.90ct K VS2 Good DIA 18020102 R26,460
Round Brilliant 0.90ct L VS1 Very Good DIA 17020031 R28,430
Round Brilliant 0.90ct L VS2 Excellent GIA 1182753758 R29,920
Round Brilliant 0.90ct L VVS1 Very Good GIA 100724647773 R34,490
Round Brilliant 0.90ct J VS2 Very Good GIA 5191003801 R39,490
Round Brilliant 0.90ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 2195010353 R44,090
Round Brilliant 0.91ct L VS1 Very Good GIA 2237317750 R29,130
Round Brilliant 0.91ct K VS1 Very Good GIA 1259357644 R35,900
Round Brilliant 0.91ct J VS2 Very Good GIA 1273004075 R37,820
Round Brilliant 1.01ct L VS2 Excellent HRD 170003034561 R40,290
Round Brilliant 1.01ct L VS1 Excellent HRD 170003121050 R43,770
Round Brilliant 1.28ct N VVS1 Very Good DIA 90127904 R40,420
Round Brilliant 2.02ct R I1 Good DIA 8081171 R23,490
Radiant 0.72ct E SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11100767 R22,160
Radiant 0.81ct G VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11101007 R32,690
Radiant 1.01ct H SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11021634 R42,940
Radiant 1.03ct L SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12100394 R23,110
Radiant 1.09ct J SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 140101221 R38,090
Radiant 1.52ct M SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11101012 R34,350
Princess 0.70ct G VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6167057042 R29,510
Princess 0.71ct F SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 15963194 R28,810
Princess 0.71ct D VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) EGL 63932402 R30,060
Princess 0.72ct G VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6202702960 R34,880
Princess 0.75ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100718359053 R32,900
Princess 0.92ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 12197637 R44,050
Princess 1.00ct J VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 10070443 R33,240
Princess 1.02ct K VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11101006 R28,810
Princess 1.13ct M VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12100389 R28,260
Oval 0.82ct I VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100720839070 R29,570
Oval 0.90ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2257247594 R36,980
Oval 1.01ct J VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6261497664 R38,190
Emerald 1.01ct I VVS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2247964507 R44,770
Cushion 0.70ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6222429204 R24,550
Cushion 0.75ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 16090192 R24,310
Cushion 0.76ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 5196060458 R29,510
Cushion 0.80ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7256151724 R27,150
Cushion 0.80ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1245395406 R27,930
Cushion 0.80ct H VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100722283724 R29,640
Cushion 0.81ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2247377055 R28,400
Cushion 0.90ct I VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100718668371 R41,510
Cushion 0.90ct I VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2236542613 R43,010
Cushion 0.90ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1223950169 R43,920
Cushion 0.91ct J SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2166240016 R34,130
Cushion 0.96ct K VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2266375594 R28,920
Cushion 0.96ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2267217802 R33,510
Cushion 0.96ct I VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 5181292681 R38,160
Cushion 0.98ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1268216203 R43,700
Cushion 1.02ct I I1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12010682 R25,560
Cushion 1.04ct J I1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12020950 R24,800
Cushion 1.04ct M VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 71969001199 R27,570
Cushion 1.04ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7251044512 R45,920
Cushion 1.07ct K SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12101362 R33,190
Cushion 1.09ct J SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12101361 R39,890
Cushion 1.20ct K VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2185774209 R33,150
Cushion 1.25ct Q VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12100391 R44,320

*Diamonds are only removed from list once invoiced. If a diamond is placed on hold for 48h it will still appear in this list. Should you be interested in a diamond that is currently on hold or on its way to be invoiced we will do our best to find a substitute diamond at the same price. *All prices include VAT - as they should. 

If you're looking for something very specific please reach out. You'll be amazed at the quality of the options we can source for you internationally. Here's more information on our Special Order process. 

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