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How to get the most out of your R50 000 budget;

Diamond size matters, and reaching for the 1,00ct mark makes sense.

But, I’m sure you’ve found it close to impossible to cross that coveted line with a R50 000 budget without obviously compromising on colour and clarity.

Welcome to the page you’ve been looking for.

As we’ve grown in size (we’re casting over 40 engagement rings tomorrow for the second time this week) our trade discounts have increased substantially and the ZAR:USD exchange-rate is rather favourable at this point in time.

A 1,00ct diamond is within your reach, and you get to spoil her with way more diamond than she was hoping for.

Some pointers at this price range:

  • Colour: On round diamonds J-K-L colours are still predominantly white, and offer tremendous value. Many of the 2,00ct rings you’ve seen on our Instagram fall into this range. If you’re looking for an oval or cushion; they only appear crisply white from J and higher. If you’re in doubt about the colour range you’re welcome to visit any of our studios in Pretoria and Johannesburg. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Shapes: Seriously consider the cushion cut. It’s my favourite shape and you’ll see the prices are jaw-droppingly low.
  • Cut: Don’t compromise on the quality of the craftsmanship when you’re looking for your ideal diamond. The cut should be “Excellent” or “Very Good”. Cut is, and will always be, the most important C. The fire, scintillation, sparkle and life are all determined by the cut grade.

I can unhesitantly say that no other jeweller in South Africa spends the amount of time we do to ensure our diamonds are all top notch quality (more information here). Remember to take look at the recommended reading list just below this table.

You can find some awesome deals below. Take a look, and if you have questions - we’re here to help. Feel free to email me directly on

Currently these are my top picks in the up to R50 000 range

Shape Weight Colour Clarity Cut Lab Cert. Number Incl. Price
Round Brilliant 0.80ct H SI1 Very Good GIA 100415548721 R41,140
Round Brilliant 0.90ct I VS1 Very Good GIA 2195010353 R44,090
Round Brilliant 0.90ct H VS2 Very Good GIA 2195022664 R48,900
Round Brilliant 1.00ct J VS2 Excellent GIA 2268262349 R55,180
Round Brilliant 1.01ct L VS2 Excellent HRD 170003034561 R40,290
Round Brilliant 1.01ct L VS1 Excellent HRD 170003121050 R43,770
Round Brilliant 1.01ct J VS1 Very Good GIA 1268815848 R50,390
Round Brilliant 1.07ct L VS1 Good GIA 2151097164 R48,620
Round Brilliant 1.07ct L VS1 Excellent GIA 6235085122 R50,700
Round Brilliant 1.07ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 2226442751 R64,810
Round Brilliant 1.08ct J VS1 Excellent HRD 170003034577 R58,730
Round Brilliant 1.08ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 1239417492 R59,140
Round Brilliant 1.09ct J VS2 Excellent GIA 6201015675 R60,110
Round Brilliant 1.09ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 7272470541 R63,090
Round Brilliant 1.11ct J VS2 Excellent HRD 16017060033 R59,980
Round Brilliant 1.12ct K VS1 Excellent HRD 170002988477 R48,340
Round Brilliant 1.16ct K SI2 Good DIA 11110897 R48,040
Round Brilliant 1.21ct K VVS2 Excellent HRD 170002966099 R51,250
Round Brilliant 1.21ct K VVS2 Excellent HRD 170002966099 R51,250
Round Brilliant 1.23ct M VS1 Excellent GIA 2227998057 R47,090
Round Brilliant 1.28ct N VVS1 Very Good DIA 90127904 R40,420
Round Brilliant 1.68ct Q SI1 Very Good DIA 9071101 R57,230
Radiant 1.01ct H SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 11021634 R42,940
Radiant 1.01ct H VVS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2155640783 R57,070
Radiant 1.03ct H SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12080185 R46,820
Radiant 1.07ct G SI2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12031415 R55,320
Princess 0.92ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 12197637 R44,050
Princess 1.01ct I SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2151627172 R52,430
Princess 1.02ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 10969465 R65,850
Pear 0.97ct E VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 14010223 R60,940
Oval 1.00ct F SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1106903847 R52,630
Oval 1.01ct J VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7236449504 R48,760
Oval 1.01ct H SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6235539136 R61,850
Emerald 1.01ct I VVS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2247964507 R44,770
Emerald 1.14ct G VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 10061542 R60,940
Cushion 0.90ct I VVS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 100718668371 R41,510
Cushion 0.90ct I VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2236542613 R43,010
Cushion 0.90ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1223950169 R43,920
Cushion 0.90ct G VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2264496601 R46,250
Cushion 0.98ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1268216203 R43,700
Cushion 1.01ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 6252011007 R47,980
Cushion 1.01ct H VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 1166130149 R51,250
Cushion 1.01ct H VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7256409269 R57,070
Cushion 1.02ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 2257988247 R48,480
Cushion 1.04ct I VS1 n/a (Fancy Cut) GIA 7251044512 R45,920
Cushion 1.05ct E SI1 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12031413 R64,130
Cushion 1.25ct Q VS2 n/a (Fancy Cut) DIA 12100391 R44,320

*All prices include VAT - as they should. Diamonds are only removed from list once invoiced. If a diamond is placed on hold for 48h it will still appear in this list. Should you be interested in a diamond that is currently on hold or on its way to be invoiced we will do our best to find a substitute diamond at the same price. 

All the HRD and GIA certified diamonds below are 100% eye-clean, and masterfully cut. I guarantee you that.

If you're looking for something very specific please reach out. You'll be amazed at the quality of the options we can source for you internationally. Here's more information on our Special Order process. 

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