There’s no way around this; diamond size is a big deal.

...but it’s not everything...

Price Matters.

Jewellery stores have a vague hazy atmosphere, where pricing is rarely discussed upfront. You don’t want to sound stingy or anything along those lines, but knowing the range you can comfortably browse would really help.

The results of our Q1 2018 price survey: Our quotes on various quality 1,00ct diamond engagement rings were on average 15% (+/-R25 000) lower than those of our competitors.

Still, I don’t want you to buy your engagement ring at Poggenpoel because our quotes are the lowest. I’d like to be your first choice even if we double our prices.

But as you’ll see… our prices are excellent.

And Here's Why Diamond Size Matters...

Larger centre diamonds simply make for more impressive engagement rings.

It’s evident when you browse stunning designs on platforms like Facebook and Instagram where featured designs are pretty much always set with diamonds of at least 1,00ct. It’s a stunning size, and compliments close to every possible design.

That’s why it’s such an aspirational size - it looks great.

Although we definitely stick to higher than average diamond grades, we have a brand new optimisation guide that will help you increase diamond size, without compromising the visual appeal of the stone. It's a must read. (link)

Herewith our prices, followed by our promise to you to ensure you comfortably settle with nothing but the the best.

1,00ct Diamond Stock
Shape Weight Color Clarity Cut LAB Cert Number: Price ZAR
Round Brilliant 1.01ct L VS2 Excellent HRD 170003034561 R41,890
Round Brilliant 1.01ct F VS1 Excellent GIA 3265160768 R104,980
Round Brilliant 1.02ct G SI1 Very Good GIA 2161090579 R81,220
Round Brilliant 1.07ct L VS1 Excellent GIA 6235085122 R52,710
Round Brilliant 1.09ct J VS2 Excellent GIA 6201015675 R62,500
Round Brilliant 1.12ct K VS1 Excellent HRD 170002988477 R50,260
Round Brilliant 1.23ct M VS1 Excellent GIA 2227998057 R48,960
Round Brilliant 1.51ct I VS1 Excellent HRD 170003048006 R113,100
Round Brilliant 2.01ct K VS1 Excellent HRD 170003028349 R143,720
Round Brilliant 1,11ct J VS2 Excellent HRD 16017060033 R62,360
Round Brilliant 1.00ct J VS2 Excellent GIA 2268262349 R57,370
Round Brilliant 1.01ct L VS1 Excellent HRD 170003121050 R45,510
Round Brilliant 1.01ct J VS1 Very Good GIA 1268815848 R52,390
Round Brilliant 1.01ct I VS1 Excellent HRD 170003095973 R68,840
Round Brilliant 1.07ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 2226442751 R67,380
Round Brilliant 1.08ct G VS2 Excellent GIA 2264209409 R86,260
Round Brilliant 1.08ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 1239417492 R61,490
Round Brilliant 1.08ct J VS1 Excellent HRD 170003034577 R61,060
Round Brilliant 1.09ct J VS1 Excellent GIA 7272470541 R65,600
Round Brilliant 1.11ct H SI1 Excellent GIA 5181014432 R72,440
Round Brilliant 1.21ct K VVS2 Excellent HRD 170002966099 R53,280
Round Brilliant 1.51ct K VVS2 Excellent HRD 170003068526 R81,160
Radiant Cut 1.01ct H SI1   DIA 11021634 R44,640
Radiant Cut 1.52ct M SI2   DIA 11101012 R35,720
Princess 0.92ct H VS2   GIA 12197637 R45,800
Princess 1.00ct J VS2   DIA 10070443 R34,560
Princess 1.01ct I SI1   GIA 2151627172 R54,510
Princess 1.02ct H VS1   GIA 10969465 R68,460
Princess 1.02ct G VS2   GIA 5166828346 R77,190
Princess 1.02ct K VS2   DIA 11101006 R29,960
Princess 1.13ct M VS2   DIA 12100389 R29,380
Princess 1.51ct H SI1   DIA 14010220 R100,800
Pear 1.04ct G VS1 n/a GIA 10720659 R69,200
Oval 1.00ct F SI1   GIA 1106903847 R54,720
Oval 1.01ct J VS1   GIA 7236449504 R50,690
Oval 1.01ct H SI1   GIA 6235539136 R64,300
Oval 1.01ct J VS2 n/a GIA 6261497664 R39,710
Emerald 1.01ct I VVS1   GIA 2247964507 R46,550
Emerald 1.14ct G VS2   DIA 10061542 R63,360
Cushion 1.01ct H VS2   GIA 1166130149 R53,280
Cushion 1.04ct M VS2   GIA 71969001199 R28,660
Cushion 1.05ct E SI1   DIA 12031413 R66,680
Cushion 1.07ct K SI1   DIA 12101362 R34,510
Cushion 1.09ct J SI1   DIA 12101361 R41,480
Cushion 1.63ct I VS2   GIA 6183451393 R91,550
Cushion 0.96ct I VS2 n/a GIA 5181292681 R39,680
Cushion 0.96ct K VS1 n/a GIA 2266375594 R30,070
Cushion 0.96ct J VS1 n/a GIA 2267217802 R34,840
Cushion 0.98ct H VS2 n/a GIA 1268216203 R45,440
Cushion 1.01ct I VS1 n/a GIA 6252011007 R49,890
Cushion 1.01ct H VS1 n/a GIA 7256409269 R59,330
Cushion 1.02ct I VS1 n/a GIA 2257988247 R50,400
Cushion 1.04ct I VS1 n/a GIA 7251044512 R47,740
Cushion 1.20ct K VS2 n/a GIA 2185774209 R34,460

*All these mentioned prices include 14% - just as they should. No surprises on our invoices. The diamonds listed are all currently in stock. 

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Here are 5 reasons why I know no jeweller can beat us when it comes to holistic all round value.

  • All our GIA certified diamonds are guaranteed to be free of impurities visible to the naked eye.
  • You’ll receive 100% credit for your initial Poggenpoel diamond purchase whenever you ever wish to upgrade. No minimal upgrade that many jewellers require.  
  • We go to great efforts to give tailored advice to ensure your purchase is optimised based on what’s important to you (size, colour, shape etc.).
  • We import diamonds weekly from the largest diamond cutting factories in the world. If we don’t have your ideal stone - we’ll source it, and you won’t even pay import costs since it piggybacks on any of our frequent imports.
  • You’ve never seen a Poggenpoel advertisement where our message centres around price, price-matching or a spammy “70% cheaper than everyone else”. That’s not our thing and even though our prices are usually the best in the market we don’t price match quotes. You get our best price first time ‘round, but our prices should be excellent. It’s part of the puzzle. Not a single corner will be cut on your ring’s quality to drive down costs, your quote, and subsequently the quality of your engagement ring. Never! I’d rather lose your deal.

If you’re in the market for a 1,00ct engagement ring; all the information you need is neatly packaged for you HERE.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for reservations, quotations or any questions you might have. If you know of anyone who would find a list of this value, please feel free to share.

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Kind Regards,
Johan Poggenpoel, Co-Founder. 

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