There’s no way around this; diamond size is a big deal.

...and it’s not a vanity issue.

Engagement ring designs just look considerably more visually pleasing when set with a larger diamond. It’s evident when you browse stunning designs on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram where featured designs are pretty much always set with diamonds of at least 1,00ct.

It comes down to proportions that beneficially change as you scale up the size of the main diamond. The prongs, shank and all metalwork appear finer and more delicate.

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Here are 5 reasons why I know no one can give you a better experience and deal, all things considered; 

  • All our diamonds are guaranteed to be free of impurities visible to the naked eye.
  • You’ll receive 100% credit for your initial Poggenpoel diamond purchase whenever you ever wish to upgrade.  
  • We go to great efforts to give tailored advice to ensure your purchase is optimised based on what’s important to you (size, colour, shape etc.)
  • We import diamonds weekly from the largest diamond cutting factories in the world. If we don’t have your ideal stone - we’ll source it, and you won’t even pay import costs since it piggybacks on any of our frequent imports.
  • We negotiate excellent deals due to the sheer volume of our orders. We don’t source from a crew-cut sporting “wholesale dealers” in Johannesburg. Our top tier (international) suppliers won’t even reply to an order request for only 5 or 10 diamond in any range. We’ve got them on speed dial.

Have a blast and don’t hesitate to get in touch for reservations, quotations or any questions you might have. If you know of anyone who would find a list of this value, please feel free to share.

Shape Weight Colour Clarity Cut Polish Symm. Lab Cert Number Price
Cushion Brilliant 1.04ct M VS2 N/A EX VG GIA 7196900119 R29,900
Cushion Brilliant 1.01ct J VS2 N/A EX EX GIA 5243964981 R41,400
Oval Brilliant 1.04ct J VS2 N/A EX EX GIA 6211474742 R48,100
Round Brilliant 1.07ct L VVS1 EX EX EX GIA 2246704260 R49,800
Cushion Brilliant 1.04ct I VS1 N/A EX VG GIA 7251044512 R49,800
Round Brilliant 1.23ct M VS1 EX EX EX GIA 2227998057 R51,000
Cushion Brilliant 1.01ct I VS1 N/A VG VG GIA 6252011007 R52,000
Round Brilliant 1.12ct K VS1 EX EX EX HRD 170002988477 R52,400
Cushion Brilliant 1.02ct I VS1 N/A EX EX GIA 2257988247 R52,500
Round Brilliant 1.09ct K VVS2 EX EX EX GIA 2171744456 R54,900
Round Brilliant 1.21ct K VVS2 EX EX EX HRD 170002966099 R55,500
Round Brilliant 1.01ct J VS1 VG EX EX HRD 16031083027 R56,300
Oval Brilliant 1.00ct F SI2 N/A N/A N/A GIA 1106903847 R57,000
Round Brilliant 1.01ct J VS1 EX EX EX HRD 170002997023 R58,300
Round Brilliant 1.05ct J VS1 EX EX EX HRD 170003042295 R58,500
Round Brilliant 1.00ct J VS2 EX EX VG GIA 2268262349 R59,800
Oval Brilliant 1.01ct H VS2 N/A EX VG GIA 2268062337 R60,900
Cushion Brilliant 1.01ct H VS1 N/A EX VG GIA 7256409269 R61,800
Round Brilliant 1.08ct J VS1 EX EX EX HRD 170003034577 R63,600
Round Brilliant 1.08ct J VS1 EX EX EX GIA 1239417492 R64,100
Round Brilliant 1.11ct J VS2 EX EX EX HRD 16017060033 R65,000
Round Brilliant 1.07ct J VS1 EX EX EX GIA 2226442751 R70,200
Round Brilliant 1.01ct I VS1 VG VG VG GIA 7253329187 R70,800
Pear Brilliant 1.04ct G VS1 N/A N/A N/A GIA 10720659 R72,100
Round Brilliant 1.11ct H SI1 EX EX EX GIA 5181014432 R75,500
Round Brilliant 1.07ct H VS2 EX EX EX GIA 1248162929 R79,300
Round Brilliant 1.05ct I VS1 EX EX EX GIA 5256549102 R79,700
Cushion Brilliant 1.63ct I VS2 N/A EX VG GIA 6183451393 R95,400
Round Brilliant 1.52ct J VS1 EX EX EX HRD 170002984365 R114,900
Round Brilliant 2.01ct K VS1 EX EX EX HRD 170003028349 R149,700

PS - Don’t see your perfect diamond? Send me an email to [email protected] with some information and I’ll get prices over to you.

A handful of specials orders we recently did for customers;

Shape Weight Colour Clarity Price
Princess 1,70ct G VS2 R158,500
Princess 1,03ct G VS1 R61,800
Round Brilliant 1,30ct I VS2 R90,800
Round Brilliant 1,20ct K VS1 R70,080
Round Brilliant 1,00ct J VS2 R58,000
Round Brilliant 1,01ct D VS2 R87,900
Cushion 2,02ct H VS1 R208,200
Round Brilliant 1,53ct K VS2 R81,400

All these mentioned prices include 14% - just as they should. No surprises on our invoices.  

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