We’ve just received some stunning new diamond stock, and as always our VIP subscribers have 48 hours of early access to these deals before we offer them to...well; anyone else!

With the December holiday being a very popular time for proposals it’s a good idea to get those wheels turning. I just checked our orders this morning and we have 256 engagement rings in the process. At this rate, we’ll have to close the order book for 2017 delivery in about 60 days. We don’t rush work.

job load.png

You’ll see our latest batch is excellently priced - and you’re more than welcome to fix a time for viewing them. We also have a large range of stunning diamond options currently in stock. On your studio visit you’ll be having a cup of coffee with very knowledgeable diamond consultants that will solely be focussing on finding out what you're looking for and optimising your budget within those parameters.

Have a blast and don’t hesitate to get in touch for reservations, quotations or any questions you might have. If you know of anyone who would find a list of this value, please feel free to share. If you'd like to discuss these options or see what else we have in stock feel free to reach out on info@poggenpoel.com 

Shape Weight Color Clarity Cut Polish Symm. Lab Cert Number Price
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS2 VG EX VG GIA 1265608056 R26,900
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS1 VG EX EX GIA 2256983555 R27,200
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS1 VG EX VG GIA 1265285864 R27,500
Round Brilliant 0.70ct I VS1 VG VG VG GIA 2236690827 R29,400
Round Brilliant 0.90ct L VS2 VG EX VG GIA 1253504028 R30,100
Round Brilliant 0.92ct L VS2 VG VG EX GIA 2256118950 R31,200
Round Brilliant 0.91ct L VS1 VG EX EX GIA 2237317750 R31,800
Round Brilliant 0.90ct L VS1 VG EX EX GIA 1269130817 R33,900
Round Brilliant 0.70ct G VS2 VG VG EX GIA 6252954394 R34,600
Round Brilliant 0.90ct K VS1 EX EX EX GIA 5266273137 R37,600
Round Brilliant 0.70ct F VVS2 VG EX VG GIA 7236816808 R39,800
Round Brilliant 0.90ct J VS2 VG EX VG GIA 6261301642 R40,900
Round Brilliant 0.90ct J VS2 VG EX EX GIA 2237498629 R40,900
Round Brilliant 1.07ct L VVS1 EX EX EX GIA 2246704260 R49,900
Round Brilliant 1.00ct J VS2 EX EX VG GIA 2268262349 R60,200

*If these terms and concepts feel a bit foreign our 1 Page Diamond Buying Guide (2017 Edition) is a great start.
You're welcome to browse the other price brackets;

All our prices include VAT - just as they should. 

Kind Regards,

Johan Poggenpoel, Co-Founder.