When you’re shopping for an engagement ring at the R100 000 and over mark it’s really important to find the ideal diamond.

We currently have fantastic deals in our 1,00ct diamond sale (link), but if you don’t see that bulls-eye diamond our Special Order Route is the best, and hassle free, way to go...

After weeks of writing and fine-tuning; “How You Can Source The Perfect Diamond” is live, and it’s packed with great information for you to use!  

You can find a few samples of our current special order recommendations below. BUT I strongly recommend reading the post above beforehand - it will greatly increase the use of this list. If you know of anyone that would benefit from these great deals, please feel free to forward. 

Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Lab Cert. number Polish Symm Fluor Price
Round 1.59ct L VVS2 EX GIA 2256471042 EX EX NON R80,200
Round 2.23ct L VVS2 EX GIA 6262712744 EX EX VST R151,300
Round 1.00ct I IF EX HRD 16026368007 EX EX FNT R72,400
Round 1.52ct I VS1 EX HRD 170003068318 EX EX MED R118,500
Round 2.01ct I VS1 EX GIA 2264593879 EX EX VST R218,200
Round 3.00ct I VS1 EX GIA 1186497027 EX EX MED R508,700
Round 3.02ct I IF EX GIA 2183644587 EX EX STG R591,600
Round 1.01ct H VVS1 EX GIA 6261292495 EX EX STG R87,300
Round 1.10ct H IF EX HRD 16016493028 EX EX NON R96,700
Round 1.51ct H VS1 EX HRD 170002969671 EX EX MED R135,000
Round 1.57ct H IF EX HRD 11031113124 EX EX MED R163,200
Round 2.01ct H VS1 EX GIA 5182432398 EX EX VST R252,100
Round 2.01ct H VVS1 EX GIA 2267653115 EX EX VST R266,800
Round 2.05ct H VVS2 EX GIA 6261414196 EX EX STG R302,100
Round 3.50ct H VS1 EX GIA 5256803437 EX EX STG R704,500
Round 4.10ct H VS1 EX GIA 2183225018 EX EX STG R928,700
Round 1.01ct G VVS1 EX GIA 6251908999 EX EX STG R98,900
Round 1.14ct G VVS2 EX GIA 2185342864 EX EX STG R104,500
Round 1.04ct G IF EX GIA 5181500385 EX EX MED R108,800
Round 1.55ct G VS1 EX GIA 3265116679 EX EX STG R173,700
Round 1.56ct G VVS2 EX GIA 5223158482 EX EX STG-B R179,200
Round 1.50ct G VVS1 EX GIA 2181357919 EX EX STG R195,800
Round 2.02ct G VS2 EX GIA 2185485384 EX EX STG R283,800
Round 2.09ct G VVS1 EX GIA 2267458253 EX EX VST R336,300
Round 3.01ct G VS1 EX GIA 5181497024 EX EX STG R627,100
Round 3.07ct G VVS2 EX GIA 2185636806 EX EX STG R794,100
Round 3.60ct G VVS1 EX GIA 5181384312 EX EX STG R877,000
Round 4.01ct G VS2 EX HRD 10006008001 EX EX SLT R1,121,700
Round 1.01ct F VS1 EX GIA 2257992071 EX EX STG R92,600
Round 1.01ct F VVS1 EX GIA 6261618639 EX EX MED R116,500
Round 1.12ct F IF EX GIA 5253855768 EX EX MED R141,700
Round 1.51ct F VS1 EX GIA 3225008245 EX EX STG-B R175,500
Round 1.50ct F VVS1 EX GIA 5266627251 EX EX VST R222,500
Round 1.56ct F IF EX GIA 2186730930 EX EX MED-B R257,000
Round 2.01ct F VS1 EX GIA 6262114561 EX EX VST-B R342,200
Round 2.01ct F VVS1 EX GIA 2267248092 EX EX STG R422,600
Round 2.33ct F IF EX GIA 5253859240 EX EX STG R548,700
Round 3.30ct F VS2 EX GIA 2183469132 EX EX MED R830,800
Round 3.36ct F VVS1 EX GIA 2181644701 EX EX STG R1,161,900
Round 1.08ct E VS1 EX GIA 5182011605 EX EX STG R102,500
Round 1.07ct E VVS2 EX GIA 1182287437 EX EX STG R114,500
Round 1.06ct E IF EX GIA 7266688857 EX EX STG R137,000
Round 1.57ct E VS1 EX GIA 1267664366 EX EX STG R200,700
Round 1.64ct E VVS2 EX GIA 3215615388 EX EX STG-B R226,500
Round 1.55ct E IF EX GIA 1182584379 EX EX STG-B R260,200
Round 2.31ct E VS1 EX GIA 2266347264 EX EX STG R394,300
Round 2.01ct E VVS2 EX GIA 6245067196 EX EX MED R445,400
Round 2.15ct E IF EX GIA 2266701410 EX EX STG R515,700
Round 3.01ct E VS1 EX GIA 7266593357 EX EX MED R957,000
Round 3.01ct E VVS1 EX GIA 5182664066 EX EX MED-B R1,195,300
Round 3.13ct E IF EX GIA 5186682403 EX EX STG-B R1,200,700
Round 1.12ct D VS2 EX GIA 2256924450 EX EX VST R97,600
Round 1.09ct D VS1 EX GIA 7256477645 EX EX STG R105,400
Round 1.10ct D VVS1 EX GIA 6255477707 EX EX VST R127,800
Round 1.06ct D IF EX GIA 6265602948 EX EX VST R159,700
Round 1.62ct D VS2 EX GIA 6262039327 EX EX VST R179,500
Round 1.50ct D VS1 EX GIA 6261116209 EX EX VST R184,500
Round 1.60ct D VS2 EX GIA 2183668257 EX EX STG-B R197,200
Round 2.02ct D VS2 EX GIA 6265676713 EX EX VST R316,900
Round 1.71ct D IF EX HRD 170003041471 EX EX STG R337,600
Round 2.11ct D VS1 EX GIA 3225951225 EX EX STG-B R416,300
Round 2.02ct D VVS1 EX GIA 7268676799 EX EX VST R446,000
Round 2.18ct D IF EX GIA 1182564885 EX EX STG-B R637,300
Round 3.00ct D VS2 EX GIA 7261460228 EX EX MED-B R873,500
Round 3.22ct D VS1 EX GIA 7253477706 EX EX VST R936,100
Round 3.50ct D VVS1 EX GIA 2214555111 EX EX VST R1,488,700


All our prices include VAT . These diamond were all still available at the time this blog was posted. If you're interested in a diamond please mail me directly on johan@pogenpoel.com and I'll check availability right away

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