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*2ct Market Survey April 2017 - we offered a 37% discount from the average local asking price. (Link)

The modern oval cut was conceptualised and designed during the 1960s by Lazare Kaplan. It’s a very well executed variation of the round brilliant cut and has similar brilliance and fire.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching alternative to the round brilliant cut, the oval is classy A.F… but you already knew that.

What you might not know is that an oval carries its weight tremendously well. The elongated shape creates the illusion of a larger diamond, i.e. a1ct oval diamond looks definitively larger than a 1ct round or cushion diamond, and it gets better… with the 4C’s being exactly even an oval will cost you slightly less than a round diamond.

Please keep in mind that the oval cut concentrates colour on its rounded tips. If you’re after a white looking diamond I would recommend “I” and better as colour. If the faintest hint of warmth and colour doesn’t bug you J and K colours offer tremendous value.

All oval cut diamonds have some degree of a bow-tie effect. It’s important to note that it’s impossible to tell how pronounced this effect will be by only viewing the diamond’s certificate. If a diamond catches your eye we’ll gladly get some images over to you. Rest assured, our finely curated ovals don’t have a prominent bow-tie.

Some of our current 1ct+ picks;

Shape Carat Clarity Col Pol Sym Measurement Lab Price Status
Oval Brilliant 1.00 VS1 F EX EX 7.67x5.72x3.52 GIA R64,600.00 Special Import
Oval Brilliant 1,02 VS1 G EX EX 7.74x5.71x3.60 GIA R73,100.00 Special Import
Oval Brilliant 2,04 VS1 G EX EX 9.66x7.21x4.56 GIA R290,400.00 Special Import
Oval Brilliant 2,25 VS2 G EX EX 10.28x7.40x4.71 GIA R298,300.00 Special Import
Oval Brilliant 1.00 VVS1 G EX EX 7.86x5.78x3.48 GIA R81,000.00 Special Import
Oval Brilliant 1,02 VS1 I EX EX 8.02x5.73x3.56 GIA R55,500.00 Special Import
Oval Brilliant 1,01 SI1 H VG VG 7.67X5.74X3.51 GIA R70,600.00 In Stock
Oval Brilliant 1,01 VS1 J EX VG 7.43X5.61X3.70 GIA R55,700.00 In Stock
Oval Brilliant 1,04 VS2 J EX EX 7.69X5.72X3.60 GIA R50,700.00 In Stock

*These diamonds were all available at the time of listing. If you're interested in a diamond we'll gladly request video and photo material of the diamond. We do have colour and size samples in stock. If an item has been sold since the publication of this list we'll do our utmost best to find a replacement diamond. 


Why An "Special Import" Often Makes Perfect Sense; 

Although oval diamonds have grown tremendously in popularity round and cushion cut diamonds still outsell ovals by a very large margin.

Round and cushion cut diamonds from 0,50ct – 1,50ct make up for more than 90% of our sales. This is the range we stock up on, and although every jeweller will have their own “bulk range” no one in South Africa is selling 100’s of 1ct+ ovals per month.  

Don’t worry, ovals are still the third most popular shape so you’re not in ultra-fringe territory.

When you get to fringe diamonds like for an extreme example with 1,00ct D-colour IF-clarity heart shapes I know my best case scenario is selling one per year. Keeping a few of these in stock just doesn’t make sense. We would be much better off investing into our bulk categories and turning our stock a few times per year. This way we can operate profitably on reputably thin margins.

Then when Mr D IF Heart comes knocking I can show him the size of a 1ct heart, I can show him a D colour round and if he’s happy we can source the heart diamond for him. If my holding costs are minimal we can sell fringe type diamonds at everyday thin margins. This is very unique to our business model.

Working with the largest diamond cutting factories in the world we can scan hundreds of thousands of diamonds to find a few good candidates. Modern diamond imaging is amazing and you’ll see these HD photos and videos actually offer a superior way of viewing diamonds when compared to even in-person viewing.  

There’s also no shipping fee for a special import since we import diamond parcels close to weekly. Your perfect match can simply piggy back on our parcel.

We sell fringe-ish diamonds this way daily. We’ll gladly supply extended references about the ease and reliability of this process. Although every jeweller is swearing his prices are “wholesale” I’ll be surprised if he can show you a single parcel of diamonds he has recently imported. These mega factories aren’t open to single diamond sales and I doubt an order for under 50 or so diamonds would even be replied to. Very, very few jewellers operate at our scale.

To round it all up; we can offer you thousands of perfectly cut, GIA and HRD certified oval diamonds with HD photos, a full upgrade plan where you’ll receive 100% credit for the price paid for a diamond when you upgrade to a stone of a higher value and obviously way more tailored service and advice.

We have no incentive to move a stone we’ve been stuck for 18 months. We do carry a handful of very finely curated ovals, but we sell a few per month so our inventory makes sense without me having to including long term holding costs in our margins.

I hope this sheds some light on the topic. You can always reach out to me directly on johan@poggenpoel.com .

PS; I receive well over a hundred emails per day so I might take a day or so to properly get back to you.

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